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If it's hometown lottery game drawings you like to play and win then you have come to the right place.   




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 Let us ask you this question, players of lottery game drawings are you having difficulties winning the Five and Six Digit Lottery Game Drawings in your hometown?" 

 Well, we think our new website along with Rodan Technology Division's Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products has the answer to solving many of your selection problems.

 Soon find out why the 5 and 6 digit lottery game drawings are much easier to win than first believed.

There's only one possible way you can play a five or six digit lottery game drawing around here, the correct way.  And having some knowledge on how the lottery game drawings work would help, with an understanding on how players must choose combinations effectively to win the game your chances of selecting the correct 5 or 6 numbers will get better by the day using Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products.

 Day by day, lottery drawings after lottery game drawing, hometown lottery players wonder to themselves if this could possibly be the day in which their financial situation changes for the better.  "System Lottery Corporation would like to allow our spokesperson Rose enlighten you to something remarkable.

Introducing Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products

Rose, would you please explain to readers a little about our concept of selecting winning lottery game combinations, System Lottery Products.", Mr. Director, it would be my pleasure; the creation of the lottery strategy arrived in the fall 1982.  A military technical document containing targeting data, primarily used by the United States Army during the 1960s and 70s.

Personal notations written by this student writer was reviewed by a computer programmer.  The notations included details on how the Army located ground targets, enemy troops using artillery strikes and the State of Illinois 3-digit lottery game drawings.  The writer was seemingly working on a theory involving locating winning 3-digit lottery game combinations using the targeting information but his research was incomplete.  

His friend a programmer working with digital insertion realized players using such a mathematical concept designed by the military for the exact placement of artillery shells.

If this theory of numerical location could be incorporated into a way how lottery players chose lottery game combinations a person would have a more effective and consistent way to make precise and accurate choices of winning lottery game combinations chosen by their hometown lottery officials for players to match.  

A short time after the two developed the very first lottery game numerical selection science in the world called 'Proximity', which could be applied to any 3-digit lottery game drawing throughout the country.

Introducing Lucky Day Lottery Game Helper Products 

The odd reducing, money saving, and strategically designed features were named System after a popular song during that time.  Now System Lottery Game Helper Products enhances any person's ability to successfully choose winning lottery game combinations of all kinds, regardless of age, experience or location.

The products are very simple to use and every helper still maintains the capabilities of eliminating the odds incorporated in the lottery drawings since their development, saving lottery players' precious time and dollars normally wasted during a selection process. 

 The helper products comes with an unconditional satisfaction guaranteed policy for their effectiveness, and Tiger's written description on how a chosen lottery game works gives many important points on how to make credible choices of winning lottery game combinations the helpers will definitely deliver that needed win from a hometown lottery game drawing on any given day. 

Just by changing up on your choices of lottery game combinations does not determine if you will win or not, but by trying our Computer Developed, Odd Reducing, Money Saving, and Strategically Designed Methods of Selecting Winning Lottery Game Combinations, it's guaranteed.

Introducing System Lottery Game Helper Products 

The helper products will teach lottery players the exact way to correctly play the game.  Eliminating the attention given to large jackpot amounts and this will help players concentrate on their number selection process the products will provide a science of numerical location equal to no other. Allowing you to play a game in the way it was designed. 

Enhance your ability in any state or foreign country by sampling our user friendly, inexpensive methods of selecting winning five and six digit winning lottery game combinations today!"

 "Is there anything else you would like to add Rose?"  "Yes."  "Many lottery game combinations chosen to play in a hometown lottery game drawing are selected by personal preference.  This option, as well as many other guesswork options, has a limited winning percentage.  

What about a method of selection where players can view the winning combinations out of a few numbers before the drawing time expires?

Which could eliminate players guesswork option, would you consider something like this for the future our Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products can easily be accessed and downloaded by visiting our web store for a quick reference lottery game helper PDF formatted file of your choice.  

By purchasing a PDF document lottery players will receive the cheapest, most effective and consistent ways of playing a lottery game drawing in their hometown anywhere in the world.

When do you play a lottery game drawing, or how do you successfully choose a winning five or six digit lottery game combination?  How about having an understanding of what you are doing first?  By using something that will assist you in correctly choosing any type of five or six lottery game combinations, on a daily basis.  

Something having a similar principle of science equivalent to locating a ground target during wartime.

Introducing Mini Systems Lottery Game Helper Products

Players what about a helper product which is designed to function like a computer program but on paper to assist you in selecting your lottery game combinations chosen in a hometown lottery drawing?  Using Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products puts you in control of winning more lottery drawing than ever before, with little or no guesswork involved.

A product that delivers a selection concept specifically created for the use in neutralizing the mathematical principles incorporated in lottery game drawings throughout the world, something which helps you eliminate the odds in the drawings players are up against on any given day. 

Where having the extra cash doesn't matter or having the feeling this may be the day cause neither one wins a lottery game drawing, but the correct numbers does.  System Lottery Products are affordable and a effective reason to purchase tickets for a hometown 5 or 6 digit lottery game drawing. 

A lottery game helper product which will turn any lottery beginner into a winner of a cash prize. 

The most unique, methods of lottery game combination selection possessing pinpoint accuracy; which gives players an ability to use the minimum dollar amounts to achieve their goal of choosing winning 5 or 6 digit lottery game combinations by doing things the right way."

"Well said, thank you Rose!"

"You are very welcome Mr. Director!"

 A lottery game drawing countdown has started in your hometown and can't be stopped.

Don't Miss The Bang!   

 Introducing and Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products 2015  

"Try Our Computer Developed, Odd Reducing, Money Saving, and Strategically Designed Methods of Selecting Winning Lottery Game Combinations Today!" 

We stand behind all sales to the general public with an unconditional satisfaction guaranteed policy for the helper's effectiveness.

Keep your lottery purchases in a safe place and check your tickets daily using a secure method.

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